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Our staff fitness expert Gifford Kira is a personal trainer with many years of experience. He's on call to help Platinum Members develop a fitness program personally tailored to their goals and sharing video tips on his forthcoming vlog. In addition, the Alkaline Lifestyle offers fitness articles and a blog from ACE-certified trainer Lisa Ritchie. Join our Membership Program and you can ask both Lisa and Gifford for fitness advice.

Gifford Kira – Fitness Expert 

Gifford has been involved in the study of human performance for almost ten years, earning a degree in Exercise Biology from the University of California Davis. While working as a personal trainer, he continued his education, earning a Cross-fit I certification. Using his background as a youth soccer coach and numerous physical therapy internships, he is comfortable teaching proper functional movements to a variety of age ranges and various levels of fitness.


Stephanie Turley - Fitness Expert

Stephanie has an extensive background in diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle education. Earning numerous certifications in various modes of fitness, most notably a year-long yoga teacher training program, Stephanie offers over a decade of experience. In addition to teaching several classes per week, she is currently attending Cal State San Marcos, California to further her education in kinesiology and nutrition.

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Help Desk - Ask the Fitness Experts

Our on staff Fitness Experts will assist members with their fitness and health goals

Welcome to the Alkaline Lifestyle Fitness Help Desk staffed by our fitness experts Gifford Kira and Lisa Ritchie.  Here you’ll find a wealth of information on every aspect of fitness as an important part of your healthy Alkaline Lifestyle.

Alkaline Lifestyle members can get personal assistance from Gifford and Lisa through custom exercise plans and the ability to ask specific questions and advise about fitness.

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Alkaline Lifestyle Fitness FAQs:

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Can I spot reduce?

Sadly, no, but you can change the appearance of your body through weight training. For example, if you have wide hips, a good diet and consistent exercise will help you tighten up, lose inches and pounds all over. Then; by building UP your upper body you can balance out the genetically wide hips, giving you a symmetric appearance. Weight loss occurs uniformly all over the body.

Do I have to weight train? I don’t want to get “big”!

This is a fear of many women; thinking they’ll get massive muscles if they lift weights or lift heavy. Women do not produce enough testosterone in their bodies to build huge muscles. It takes a great deal of protein intake, training and intensity to body-build. By lifting enough weight to challenge your muscles. You should aim for 8-10 repetitions, with the last two truly difficult to finish. It’s a fallacy to lift light weights for 25-50 repetitions; it will only cause repetitive joint problems.

How much do I have to work out?

The American College of Sports Medicine says 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week is enough to maintain your weight and fitness levels. It doesn’t all have to be at once either; you can do two bouts of 15 minutes each or even break it up into 10 minute sessions, three times a day. The idea is to push yourself and keep your intensity up while maintaining safe form. Obviously to lose weight, or make improvements in a sport, you’d have to increase the duration and/or intensity.

I do 500 sit-ups a day but I still don’t have flat abs! What gives?

You can crunch until the cows come home, but if you aren’t eating properly you’ll never see that six pack. A layer of fat will be covering up the muscle underneath. By sticking to a clean Alkaline diet, and exercising consistently you’ll see results eventually. I would also recommend that you make sure you’re doing those crunches properly. If you can pound out 500, I’ll bet your form isn’t ideal. 20-25 perfect crunches will be about all you can do! Be sure keep your chin up, elbows out, abdominals tightly contracted, then slowly rise up towards the ceiling keeping abs tight. Lower back to the ground slowly as well.

Is stretching really necessary?

Absolutely! There are three main components of fitness: cardio, strength and flexibility. All three should be incorporated into your weekly workouts. Stretching can prevent injuries, improve circulation, improve posture, provide relaxation and stress relief, and make every day tasks easier as you age. Ballistic stretching (bouncing) should be avoided as this can injure the muscle. Static (holding the stretch) or PNF stretching is recommended.

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NOTE: Our Alkaline Lifestyle Staff Experts address member questions about health, nutrition, fitness and mind/spirit well-being and emotional eating disorders. Our fitness experts will attempt to answer all questions within 48 hours weekdays; however, due to the periodic large volume of emails received, we may take a bit longer; but will do our best to provide you with an answer in a timely manner. When requesting a member meal or exercise plan, please allow up to 72 hours weekdays.