About the Alkaline Lifestyle Community

The Alkaline Lifestyle community began in response to a vision - To share a healthy lifestyle that works. Most of us are raised on the Standard American Diet, and only discover healthy alternatives later in life. We are told by doctors and other health experts that we need to eat and live healthy, but no one answers that all important question – how?

Our community started out with a small circle of experts who shared their expertise, their successes, and provided support for each other in a quest to live vital, prosperous and joyous lives. We discovered that by supporting each other, we were on to something great.

We knew that there are many who would benefit from the expertise and experience we gained by choosing this healthy lifestyle. When we first began to share the health miracle of alkaline living, the response was overwhelming! Many reached out to us, seeking our help in their own journeys to vital living. We knew what we were doing could help many people, but we had a challenge – how could we fulfill the overwhelming demand for great health advice?

Normally, lifestyle coaches charge hundreds of dollars per month to provide good advice to the fortunate few that can afford personalized coaching. We felt deeply that we should not confine our good fortune only to those that could pay extravagant amounts; we knew something had to be done.

Thus, the world’s first health cooperative
The Alkaline Lifestyle Community – was born. Like a traditional Co-op, the Alkaline Lifestyle provides its members the opportunity to work together, to share advice, ideas, support and encouragement. Today, our original vision has grown, our healthy community is flourishing. Our members are the greatest testimony to our success, and today we look forward to sharing that success with you.

- The Alkaline Lifestyle Community

Alkaline Lifestyle Team of Experts

Peter Kopko — Our staff scientist, has worked with some of the pioneers of the natural health movement in formulating his understanding of raw foods and healing. Mr. Kopko has studied with the famous Dr. Ann Wigmore and Victor Kulvinskas, co-founders of Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Mass. Mr. Kopko holds certification as a Raw Food Nutritionist from the Hippocrates Health Institute. He formulated his philosophy of nutrition and healing while serving as the co-director of The Green House, a live-in healing center modeled after Hippocrates Health Institute.

When Mr. Kopko is not giving lectures, attending seminars or treating patients in his office, Mission Hills Chiropractic, he is an amateur astronomer, a perpetual student of higher math, an avid pool player, a recreational runner and a lover of hiking and traveling.

Katy Joy Freeman — Our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at one of the largest HMO’s in the USA. She is, a Vegetarian, Vegan and raw food chef; she credits the Alkaline Lifestyle with helping her maintain significant weight loss for over 23 years, freeing her from depression and anxiety, and increasing her energy levels. She writes frequently about the meditation practice of Mindfulness, as well as contributing Recipes and articles to the site. She actively lives and loves the Alkaline Lifestyle! Katy has dedicated her life to helping others discover the joys of mindfulness and vital living through spirit. Katy has a comfortable non-judgmental style and will provide sound suggestions that help you to make the Alkaline Lifestyle work for you.

Cassandra Stirling — Our staff nutritionist, has always had a passion for health and well-being. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from Memorial University, Canada and has been counseling others about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle ever since. Cassandra combined her love of nutrition with media while she worked as an “On Air” television personality, and among other things, reported daily heath segments. She is a firm believer in pH balancing for weight-loss, detoxing, and combating disease, and incorporates this wholeheartedly into all her nutritional counseling methods. Cassandra uses the principles of vegetarianism and the alkaline lifestyle to keep her strong, lean and energized. She says, “There is simply no better way to live!”

Rick H. Cabados, Founder — Our founder discovered the Alkaline Lifestyle in [1996] and became committed to a vision of spreading health, wellness and abundance as a way of life. Rick “walks the talk” by living mindfully, eating and drinking alkaline, and helping others to overcome their health challenges and live more vital, abundant lives. Rick’s original vision of a mutually supportive community that is committed to healthy living has been the starting point for several visionary efforts committed to healthy living:

EarthTrade Water – All life is based on water. Earthtrade began and continues to this day as Rick’s ongoing commitment to providing access to safe, healthy water for all through innovative technology and Eco-friendly solutions.

LIFE Ionizers – Began when Rick discovered the amazing health benefits of alkaline ionized water. LIFE Ionizers® is recognized as a leader in ionization technology, and has pioneered advancements that even today remain LIFE Ionizer® exclusives. LIFE is committed to better health through better water, and our many satisfied customers stand as a testament to the life-changing benefits of alkaline water.

Raw People – Dedicated to promoting the healthy habit of eating food raw. Here you will find ideas, tips, and recipes that have brought the benefits of healthy eating to many.



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