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Like a traditional Co-op, the Alkaline Lifestyle provides its members the opportunity to work together, to share advice, ideas, support and encouragement. Today, our original vision has grown and our healthy community is flourishing. Our members are the greatest testimony to the success of the Alkaline Lifestyle, and today we look forward to sharing that success and some world-class content on the subject of health, diet, fitness and overall wellness.


Alkaline Lifestyle Blogs

Mind & Spirit Blog

Moderated by, Katy Joy Freeman –  Staff Writer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT

Katy Joy Freeman Our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at one of the largest HMO’s in the USA. She is, a Vegetarian, Vegan and raw food chef; she credits the Alkaline Lifestyle with helping her maintain significant weight loss for over 23 years, freeing her from depression and anxiety, and increasing her energy levels. She writes frequently about the meditation practice of Mindfulness, as well as contributing Recipes and articles to the site. She actively lives and loves the Alkaline Lifestyle! Katy has dedicated her life to helping others discover the joys of mindfulness and vital living through spirit. Katy has a comfortable non-judgmental style and will provide sound suggestions that help you to make the Alkaline Lifestyle work for you.

Latest Mind & Spirit Blogs

  1. The Four Agreements Katy Joy Freeman 20-Feb-2015
  2. 7 Sacred Steps for Releasing Stress and Creating Restful Sleep Katy Joy Freeman 13-Feb-2015
  3. Activating the Relaxation Response with Slow Breathing Katy Joy Freeman 06-Feb-2015
  4. Alkaline Reset: Treating yourself to a Winter Cleanse to be your Best for 2015! Katy Joy Freeman 23-Jan-2015
  5. Instant Stress Relief! Katy Joy Freeman 17-Jan-2015

Alkaline Lifestyle Blogs

Nutrition Blog

Moderated by, Cassandra Stirling – Staff Nutritionist

Cassandra Stirling Our staff nutritionist, has always had a passion for health and well-being. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from Memorial University, Canada and has been counseling others about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle ever since. Cassandra combined her love of nutrition with media while she worked as an “On Air” television personality, and among other things, reported daily heath segments. She is a firm believer in pH balancing for weight-loss, detoxing, and combating disease, and incorporates this wholeheartedly into all her nutritional counseling methods. Cassandra uses the principles of vegetarianism and the alkaline lifestyle to keep her strong, lean and energized. She says, “There is simply no better way to live!”

Latest Nutrition Blogs

  1. The Benefits of Raw Food Sales Administrator 03-Jan-2014
  2. Are You Enjoying The Benefits of This Alkalizing Fruit? Cassandra Stirling 09-Sep-2012
  3. Obesity and Acidity Cassandra Stirling 07-Sep-2012
  4. 12 Alkalizing Foods That You May Not Be Storing Properly Cassandra Stirling 29-Aug-2012
  5. Tart Cherries...A Natural Way To Speed Muscle Recovery Cassandra Stirling 28-Aug-2012

Alkaline Lifestyle BlogsAlkaline Lifestyle Blogs

Alkaline Lifestyle Hacker

Moderated by, Leo McDevitt – Alkaline Lifestyle Hacker

Leo McDevitt is the author of the LIFE Ionizer's blog on alkaline water health benefits, and the author of  books on alkaline water and life extension. Leo brings a large amount of experience with chemistry, physics, and alternative health together to come up with innovative ways to get the most out of a healthy lifestyle

What is an Alkaline Lifestyle Hacker?

We all know we have to take care of our health to live better, but not many people have thought about what it takes to actually enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Leo's blog is dedicated to doing just that: Pulling all the information we give you here on The Alkaline Lifestyle together into an actual lifestyle! Some of Leo's more interesting alkaline lifestyle hacks include:
  • Gatorcrack! Leo's recipe for an alkaline water electrolyte drink mix that gives you tons of energy
  • Acidic water - miracle rinse for hair - Stops split ends, makes your hair shiny!
  • How posture helps you rid your body of acidity, avoid falls, and move more gracefully.
  • Unusual exercise - Ever tried trapeze? Fire Dancing? Leo shows you how to avoid boring exercise and stay in great shape.
In short, Leo helps you get the most life out of your commitment to healthy living, and makes it fun.

Latest Blogs

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Alkaline Lifestyle Blogs

Fitness Blog

Latest Fitness Blogs

  1. 18 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories During The Day Cassandra Stirling 10-Sep-2012
  2. 10 Useful Fitness Tips to Maximize Gains Cassandra Stirling 21-Aug-2012
  3. How to Become a Morning Exerciser Cassandra Stirling 18-Aug-2012
  4. Estimating Your Daily Energy Requirements Cassandra Stirling 17-Aug-2012
  5. Determining your Target Heart Rate Cassandra Stirling 06-Aug-2012


Alkaline Lifestyle Blogs