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Intrigued about the concept of the healthy alkaline lifestyle, but not sure how to get started?  Or have you made some attempts to give your diet an alkaline makeover, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make the transition?

Well, the help you need to successfully achieve healthy alkaline living is right here!

We've compiled our 16+ years of experience with the Alkaline Lifestyle—the way we live ourselves every day—into (6) six comprehensive paperback books and a professionally produced 12-month video guide on DVD!

Here’s what you get…

Six (6) Paperback Books! BUY NOW!

Book 1:  Introducing the Alkaline Lifestyle (83 pages)
Introduction to the Alkaline Lifestyle, will help you learn about this revolutionary new approach to diet, fitness, and weight loss that's got everyone talking. Based on a holistic concept of good health, the secrets of the Alkaline Lifestyle will unlock your body's potential to lose weight, maintain good health, increase your energy and stamina, and get that sparkle back in your eye. This is your passport to a lifetime journey of health and wellness!  

Book 2:  Step-by-Step 12-Month Transition Guide to the Alkaline Lifestyle (112 pages)
The Alkaline Lifestyle has many people intrigued, but what is this new lifestyle? How do you begin to enjoy the Alkaline Lifestyle? The Step-by-Step Transition Guide to the Alkaline Lifestyle walks you through each step you need to take to transition to this healthy way of living.

The Eight-Week Program helps newcomers to the Alkaline Lifestyle understand the importance of an alkaline diet, identify alkaline and acidic foods, plan means, create a fitness program, and embrace the mind-body and spiritual connections for total health. It's your step-by-step guide to a new you, a guide that makes the Alkaline Lifestyle easy to understand. Start your journey today!

Book 3:  Alkaline Lifestyle Step-by-Step Transition Guide Journal and Workbook (84 pages)
Track your journey through the Alkaline Lifestyle using this handy Step-by-Step Journal and Workbook. Use it in conjunction with the Step-by-Step Transition Guide to The Alkaline Lifestyle, focusing on a different topic each week to achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire. It's your faithful companion in the alkaline journey to mark your transition from what you were to what you wish to become.  

Book 4:  Let Your Spirit Soar – Keys to Unlock the Alkaline Mindset (86)
Co-written by our Staff Therapist, Licensed MFT and Writer; Mind and Spirit Expert, Dr. Katy Joy Freeman, Let your spirit Soar! will help you harness the power of mindfulness to make positive changes and live the alkaline lifestyle. Cultivate a peaceful, centered, calm mindset through mental and spiritual disciplines. 

Part of the alkaline lifestyle is maintaining an alkaline mental state or a positive mental state that fosters change, encourages creativity, and harnesses the power of positive, centered thinking. This book will start you on your way to changing your mindset and freeing your spirit. 

Book 5:  The Alkaline Lifestyle Recipe Book (93 pages)
Co-written by our Staff Therapist, Licensed MFT and Writer; Mind and Spirit Expert, Dr. Katy Joy Freeman.  At last!  Over 88 delicious, easy alkaline recipes anyone can make. With these recipes, living the Alkaline Lifestyle is a breeze!

You'll have at-your-fingertips recipes to make filling alkaline smoothies, healthy salads and soups, snacks, lunches, and dinners for the whole family to enjoy. With recipes contributed from the entire team at The Alkaline Lifestyle, this is sure to become your quick and easy reference book for alkaline recipes you can prepare at home.  

Book 6:  Alkaline Lifestyle Step-By-Step Transition Guide Journal and Workbook (84 pages)
Use this handy journal to record your Alkaline Lifestyle food intake and pH each day. Take a few moments to note how each food makes you feel. Check in with yourself about an hour or two after each meal. Do you have more energy, or do you feel sleepy? Is your mind clear or confused? Are you still satisfied or hungry? Follow up on meals that make you feel energized, clear headed, and satisfied. Are they more alkaline? Try to eat more of those foods. If you feel hungry, cranky, tired or lethargic an hour or two after eating, try other foods – those foods are not satisfying for you.

A Professionally Produced 12-Month Video Guide on DVD! BUY NOW!


Your professionally produced 12-month video guide on DVD features our on-staff Nutrition Expert, Cassandra Stirling, who will inform and entertain you as host of this series.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the DVD:

  • Month 1:  pH and Health - Basics of alkalinity an introduction to the Alkaline Lifestyle that covers the basics of Alkalinity, including why we are acidic and how we can become alkaline. A step-by-step approach is given to monitor your pH and how to gradually begin transitioning into the alkaline lifestyle with an emphasis on diet. 
  • Month 2:  Detoxification —This consists of two parts including the importance of detoxification and what you can expect when you detoxify using the alkaline diet.  This month also involves transitioning further into the alkaline lifestyle by replacing more acidic foods with alkaline foods.
  • Month 3:  Exercise - Physical and mental health —This month focuses on exercising to promote health, weight loss, and alkalinity.  The best exercises for alkalinity and weight loss are discussed as well as ways to maximize fat burning without spending hours at the gym, and tips for staying focused and motivated.  Month 3 also focuses on the importance of using breathing techniques and mindfulness to relax, reduce stress and increase awareness. 
  • Month 4:  Organic and Inorganic food - Labels —This month is about reading and deciphering ingredients on food labels.  It includes the top food ingredients you must avoid for optimal health and how to ensure you are not deceived by food manufactures and ambiguous food labeling.    
  • Month 5:  What is in the food you are eating —This month is about bringing your attention to where your food is really coming from.  The following are discussed in detail: Organic versus inorganic produce and the best way to prioritize your organic produce purchases; wild versus farmed fish and the safest fish to buy; USDA certified organic meat versus conventional meat and the implications to our health.
  • Month 6:  Genetically Modified Foods - GMO's —This month continues to look at how food labels can be misleading. Includes such things as genetically modified foods, “All Natural Foods” and low fat foods and how food companies are banking on your ignorance by making foods appear healthier than they actually are.  
  • Month 7:  Benefits of Vitamin D This month talks include the importance of vitamin D for our overall health and how its deficiency is linked to cancer.  Some common myths are dispelled and the proper way to get Vitamin D is discerned.
  • Month 8:  Eating out and staying alkaline —includes practical tips for eating out, without sabotaging your weight and alkalinity.   
  • Month 9:  Food purchases - Affordability —packed with advice and tips on how you can eat healthy, alkaline food without breaking the bank.  It includes tidbits on everything from grocery shopping, meal planning, to food preparation in an effort to stay on the alkaline track.
  • Month 10:  Typical day of eating with the alkaline diet —takes you through a typical day eating an alkaline diet.  It focuses not only on foods you should eat but also when and how to eat them.  
  • Month 11:  Dealing with food cravings —is all about ways to avoid cravings, what to so when you experience them and staying the course.    
  • Month 12:  Recap: Putting it all Together —a recap of the last 11 months and how it all ties into an alkaline lifestyle.

Expert Advice, Step-by-Step Guidance, Recipes, Inspiration and Much, Much More! A Must-Have!

This comprehensive, informative and easy-to-use, step-by-step Alkaline Lifestyle course is the best step you can take right now to make the transition to healthy alkaline living and your healthiest and best life!

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Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course 

  • Your health is the most precious asset you have. And being healthy is not only a gift to give yourself every day, it’s a gift for our loved ones who depend on us to be there for them.
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"My family finished viewing this complete home study course DVD and booklets.  This course did a fantastic job breaking down these concepts of alkalinity, diet, exercise for us everyday Joes... The course opened our eyes to numerous facts about the foods we eat, what to not eat, and what to look for on ingredients in every day for the Western Diet.  Great job on providing realistic targets on how to transition slowly to eating more alkaline and less acidic foods. I recommend this course for anyone who is even considering wanting to improve your health, lose weight, or just take steps to reduce your family's odds of getting disease.  The DVD in particular is really well done, and highly educational and easy to follow and stay width. Great Job!" ~Jeff B.  

So you’ve got nothing to lose, and your healthiest life ahead.