20 Tips for Eating Out and Staying Alkaline

by: Cassandra Stirling

We all like to eat out from time to time however it is important that it not become an everyday habit.  It should be a fun, occasional occurrence that we look forward to and enjoy thoroughly.  When following an alkaline diet or any diet, there is no better option than making your own fresh food that you bought and that you prepared.  You hold all the control.  Restaurant dining can be a little more challenging to eat perfectly, however here are 20 tips to keep you on the alkaline path.

1.    Do your research.  Investigate the healthiest restaurants in your area ahead of time.  Look at online menus and decide ahead of time what you are going to order.  Eat Well a website that provides a list of all the organic restaurants, bakeries, farmer’s markets etc. by area.

2.    Never go the restaurant starving.  You will be more inclined to binge.  You are better off having a light snack ahead of time.  The sights and smells in a restaurant can easily sabotage your alkaline efforts if you are not careful.

3.    Say no to bread on the table. If it’s not in front of you, you will be less inclined to eat it.

4.    Start with a green salad.  Not only will they give you an alkaline edge, but it will also help to fill you up.

5.    Look around the restaurant and see what others have ordered to get an idea of portion size.

6.    Ask to share.  Sharing a dish is an easy way to avoid over eating (especially if portion sizes are large) and it cuts down on cost.

7.    Don’t feel the need to order an entrée.  Instead have two appetizers.  For example, a green salad with a healthy soup is plenty.

8.    Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter about healthier options and ways of cooking.  Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions.

9.    Avoid anything fried.  Instead opt for steamed, grilled, roasted, broiled or baked.

10. Ask if they have a gluten free menu.  Many restaurants are now catching on and offering gluten-free options, which is important for many people.

11. Ask if the salmon is farmed or wild.  Ask is the fish is fresh.  If it doesn’t specify that it is wild or fresh, then it likely isn’t so beware of this.

12. Opt for salad or grilled vegetables instead of fries, pasta, white rice, or baked potatoes.  Many restaurants give you side options. Always choose the most alkaline option like a salad, leafy greens, vegetables or wild rice.

13. Avoid heavy creams and cheese sauces.  Also avoid sugary sauces like sweet and sour as well battered items.  These are all acidic and high in calories.

14. Add a little fire to your dish.  Hot dishes containing things like chili peppers naturally raise metabolism so if you like it hot, bring it on.

15. Drink water or herbal tea instead of sugary beverages or alcohol.  Most beverages at restaurants (unless fresh squeezed or juiced) are likely acidic and high in calories.  Ask for a lemon to squeeze in your water. It tastes good and it’s alkalizing.

16. If you insist on having an alcoholic beverage, try to limit it to one.  Have red or white wine or for other drinks, use water as the mix instead or soda, juice or other sugary mixes.

17. Ask for dressings and other condiments on the side so that you can have control over how much you use (if any).  Remember things like ketchup, mayonnaise and processed salad dressings are highly acidic.

18. Skip desert.  Restaurant deserts are usually sinfully high in calories and sugar so pass on these.  In the event that you need that sweetness, order one dessert for the entire table to share.

19. Stop before you are full and don’t clean the plate.  Save half to take home later.  Never feel compelled to clean the plate. In fact, try to make a conscious effort not to and ask to have the rest boxed to go.

20. Take your time and enjoy the experience.  Many people eat too fast and do not give their fullness factors time to register.  Eat slowly and chew your food.

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