Fitness on the Go

Fitness on the Go

by: Lisa Ritchie

Many of us find ourselves traveling, either for business or pleasure, but that doesn’t mean your training schedule or sport should fall by the wayside.  There are creative ways to sneak in your workout without packing a full set of weights!

Naturally my top suggestion is to book a hotel that has a gym.  Sadly some of these facilities are rather run down, small or inefficient.  Call the hotel you are planning to book to get specific information on what amenities they provide or do some research on travel websites such as or  Another idea is to check out gyms near the hotel.  Often they will offer day passes for minimal fees.

If you are staying with family, camping or some other location without the possibility of a gym, do not despair.   Here’s where your trusty resistance tubing and sneakers come in handy.  Resistance tubing or bands come in various strengths, are lightweight, extremely portable and take up little space.  You can use tubing much like free weights. Focus on working against gravity.  Most tubing comes packaged with an explanation of various movements and come in different strengths.  There are also all sorts of portable weight/resistance products available today from sand-filled plastic dumbbells to collapsible inflatable’s you can fill with water.

You can also simply use your own bodyweight for a basic workout.  Granted, you may not get huge gains, but we’re talking about maintenance here!  Squats, crunches, push-ups, planks, tricep dips and lunges are all great choices to target multiple muscle groups. Outside you can use ramps, steps, water and/or sand resistance.  Add some “creative weights” such as filled water bottles to get more “pump”.

Cardio can be accomplished with just a pair of sneakers (running, walking, stair climbing) and a lightweight jump rope, which is also luggage friendly.  Yoga and stretching can be done just about anywhere there is enough space. It helps to talk to the concierge to make sure the neighborhood is safe.  He or she will often have a map ready with a highlighted route, which may include running trails or other points of interest. Take advantage of your surroundings as well.  Try biking, hiking, pedal boat, water-skiing, beach volleyball, laps in the pool, water polo, horseback riding etc. Your friendly concierge is once again the person to ask.  A little creativity can go a long way!  Many hotels also provide free DVD players.  You can rent workout videos for free at your local library or take some with you they also don’t take up much space in your luggage.

If you’re truly dedicated and determined to have a fit holiday there are many tours and websites that can steer you towards an “action” vacation; from cycling across Italy to kayaking rivers.  Look for companies that specialize in these types of vacations.

Don’t forget – if you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place – keep identification on you at all times and tell someone where you’re headed.  With today’s technology many cell phones have GPS capability and can keep you on the right track regardless of where your travels find you.



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