Raw Foods as the Catalyst for Change

Raw Foods as the Catalyst for Change

When people embark on a raw food journey, they may know about some of the side effects, but the emotional detoxification on a raw food diet can catch them by surprise.  Most people understand things such as caffeine withdrawal or cravings for sugary foods.  After all, at some point they may have been kept from their morning cup of coffee with the resultant pounding headache and crankiness catching them later. 

But what often surprises even the most well informed person changing to a raw food diet is the emotional aspect of detoxification.

Junk Rising to the Surface

During the physical detoxification process, toxins rise to the surface and are ushered out of the cells by fluids into the blood. The kidneys filter the blood, and the toxins held for so long are finally released through the urine. Fat, the warehouse where the body binds up acids and toxins, is released and along with it, a whole lot of chemical junk stored for a long time. As wastes and toxins are expelled, it is helpful to drink plenty of water, particularly alkaline water, to speed the detoxification process.

As the physical body detoxifies, so too does the emotional body.  Without the crutch of food, many people find themselves face to face with the cold stranger known as emotions.  Long-held rage bubbles up to the surface, followed by despair.  Kept at bay through binging on cookies or sweets, or perhaps simply hidden below the surface, without the cooked comfort food these emotions rise and must also be released.

With the care of a qualified therapist, a wise friend, or simply letting the emotions out appropriately, you can usher them out of your psyche as your kidneys ushered out the toxins. 

Awareness Increases

Another aspect of emotional detoxification reported by people changing to a raw food diet is a sudden awareness and growing sensitivity. It’s as if all the life-giving enzymes flood the body with a sensitivity to all life. Many people embrace raw foods for their kinder, gentler nature, and the vegan aspect of a raw food diet has a strong emotional component of mercy and compassion that begins to seep into other areas of the raw foodist’s life. As long-suppressed toxic emotions are releases, healthy emotions of love, caring and forgiveness take their place. 

Emotional Detox is Real

Before rolling your eyes in disbelief and breaking into a sarcastic chorus of  “Age of Aquarius”, keep in mind that vegetarian and raw food diets are often embraced by religious sects especially for their ability to release emotions that keep us blocked from the ultimate source of love.  Fasting, whether a water fast or green cleansing fast, is often found within spiritual traditions to bring people closer to the Source or their Higher Power, often called God.  The power of diet over our emotional life is very real. 

As you release body fat, toxins, and emotional toxins, remember that the journey, not the destination of raw food perfection, is the important element in detoxification on a raw food diet.  Take it slowly and at your own pace, and seek the counsel of a wise friend, raw food coach or mentor, or websites like this one. 


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