Top Ten Alkaline Fat Burning Foods

by: Cassandra Stirling

Fat Burning FoodsFor those of you who didn’t think eating alkaline foods could also help you burn fat, think again.  Many alkaline foods especially fruits, vegetables and greens by their shear low caloric values, make them great for weight loss.  However, some alkaline foods possess a little more fat burning ability than others do. Let's take a look at the top ten.   

  1. Jalapenos or cayenne chilies/pepper contain a substance called capsaicin which not only gives them their mouth-burning flavor but also helps increase metabolism.   Use jalapenos or cayenne pepper in all your favorite recipes to give it some zing and blast that fat away.

  2. Garlic is a natural fat burner containing alicin, which, helps flush away fat. Garlic is also a powerful antioxidant, a natural antibiotic and it strengthens the immune system. Eat it raw or use it in as many meals as possible.

  3. Quinoa is a perfect compete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids that are the building block for muscles. Quinoa is also packed with fiber, and is high in alkalizing minerals such as manganese, magnesium and copper.  Makes a great post workout breakfast or power lunch, and it's also yummy in salads, although quinoa burgers are my personal favorite.

  4. Broccoli is an amazing fat burning super food due to its high fiber, high nutrient, and low caloric level.  It is a wonderful source of antioxidants.  Eat broccoli as often as you can to stay lean and alkaline. 

  5. Lentils are one of the highest alkaline protein sources and since our bodies use more energy to digest protein, we tend to burn more fat when we consume them.   Lentils are also an excellent source of fiber, keeping your metabolism revved and appetite satisfied for long periods of time.  They make a delicious tasting soup or an easy side dish.

  6. Berries are a natural source of insoluble fiber making them awesome fat burners. Insoluble fiber slows digestion by resisting spikes in blood sugar levels and avoiding fat storage.   Berries make delicious snacks on their own and are also delicious in alkaline shakes, salads and oatmeal.  Raspberries and blackberries are the most alkaline followed by blueberries and strawberries.

  7. Apples are excellent fat burners due to their high fiber content.  They also carry few calories, are rich in nutrients and contain pectin, which reduces cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels.   Similar low calorie, alkaline fruits that help you burn fat are: tangerines, peaches, lemons, limes and melons.

  8. Grapefruit is not only low in calories and high in fiber but it also helps dissolve fat and cholesterol because it contains 15 grams of pectin.  Eat it alone, or add it to salads or shakes.

  9. Apple cider vinegar reduces appetite, increases metabolic rate, and reduces water retention.  Add 1-2 tsp to your water a few times a day to shed fat and maintain alkalinity.

  10. Green tea contains flavanoids called catechins, which are believed to boost metabolism, inhibit fat absorption and reduce appetite.  Green tea is also very alkalizing and a great substitution for acidic morning coffee.

All of the foods listed above are not just fat burning, but they are alkalizing.   Combine them with other alkalizing foods to create wonderful meals and recipes or simply enjoy them on their own. Incorporate some alkalizing exercises into your routine and you are well on your way to shedding that winter fat!


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