Warm Weather Exercise Tips

Warm Weather Exercise Tips

by: Lisa Ritchie

Now that the warmer weather is here, many of us are thinking about moving our workouts outdoors. Below are a few safety tips for fresh air lovers.

  1. Never forget to bring some sort of identification. There are all sorts of ID tags available that tie onto shoelaces, insert into sneaker tongues, wrist bracelets and fanny packs. It should not only include your name and address, but also a brief list of any medical conditions and an emergency contact person, even your doctor’s phone number if you have a chronic condition.
  1. Make yourself visible, even in broad daylight. In today’s multi-tasking world, many motorists are not paying full attention to the road, much less pedestrians or cyclists. Wear bright, even neon colors. Put a high flag on your bicycle (especially recumbent cycles).
  1. Do NOT wear headphones or anything that might impair your hearing, particularly if you are on public roads, high traffic areas, or any place where you might need to hear a warning. If you absolutely cannot workout without your tunes, only insert one ear bud. You also want to hear if anything or anyone threatening is in your vicinity; whether it’s a loose dog, a wayward vehicle, or a possible attacker.
  1. Dress in layers. Spring temperatures can be deceiving! Best to layer up and peel them off if your temperature rises, rather than be over or under dressed. Spring showers bring flowers but they also bring blisters and other wet irritation. Be sure to wear workout gear that wicks away water and sweat, yet remains breathable.
  1. Don’t forget sun protection. Use a natural sunscreen or wear a light top. Better yet, workout before the sun's rays are at their peak.
  1. Beware the Weekend Warrior. Some of us get so excited about a sunny, warm day, especially those of us who live in colder winter climates, that we can be a bit overzealous. Don’t overdo it if you haven’t been training all winter consistently. Always warm up, be aware of your distance (remember going one way means having to go back the other!) and cool down, then stretch.
  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This should also be a consistent year ‘round habit. Since you don’t have the water cooler next to you like you do at the gym, remember to bring along a water bottle
  1. If you can, workout with a buddy. There IS safety in numbers. If this isn’t a possibility, tote that cell phone.



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