You Can Be Skinny Fat

You Can Be Skinny Fat

by: Lisa Ritchie

Just because you don't look overweight doesn’t mean that you’re fit and healthy. There are many people that appear to be thin and healthy, but unless they’re eating a healthy alkaline diet and regularly exercising, there is nothing healthy about them. Some people have faster metabolisms and can eat fast food and processed junk without seeing it appear on their thighs or belly, but does this mean they are in good shape or healthy? The truth is that you can be “skinny fat." Despite appearing to be healthy and in shape, you are actually in poor health and not in shape at all.

Weight does not equal fitness. Losing weight without embarking on an exercise program doesn't mean you are fit. You can waste money on fat-burning pills and supplements, which are really just chemicals to raise your blood pressure and speed up your metabolism and can be quite dangerous!  What really matters when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight is being fit and treating your body like a temple; feeding it the right nutrients for optimum performance, training so your heart and lungs can function at their best, resistance training to strengthen your muscles, ligaments and tendons, and stretching so your body is flexible.  It is actually entirely possible for a thin person to have a high percentage of body fat, higher in some cases than people who are visually overweight.

Body fat counts.
Imagine two women sitting side by side. They both weigh 145 pounds and are 64 inches tall. One woman is a bodybuilder and has a body fat percentage of 18%. The other is an office worker who sits all day long and has a body fat percentage of 32%.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), healthy body fat guidelines for women range are between 22-30%. Elite athletes are significantly lower. The office worker may be at an appropriate weight for her height, but she has a high percentage of body fat. 

Simply losing weight does not mean you have a healthy heart. Getting fit and eating healthfully almost guarantees an improvement in heart health. Losing weight alone does not lower your cholesterol, but regular exercise and healthy eating will. Losing weight alone cannot prevent osteoporosis, boost your immune system, lead to healthier pregnancies and childbirth, help you keep your weight off for life, improve your physical performance or prevent the loss of muscle, but by exercising regularly and eating healthfully, you absolutely can accomplish these health goals and many others.

Yes, losing weight is an important part of getting healthy – but be aware that you must consider eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and reducing stress levels.

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