Does Inflammation Accelerate Aging?

by: Dr. Lauri Campbell, N.D.

Inflammation is not all bad, it can work in your body to neutralize harmful agents, eliminate damaged or dead cells and initiate repair and healing. But when inflammation is chronic, it may lead to degenerative conditions associated with aging.

Normal Inflammation

That being the case, I still was surprised when I woke up this morning and my small finger on my right hand was swollen and tight from grabbing for an unruly rooster in our chicken coop last night and missing and hitting the roost directly. I should have taken Homeopathic Arnica last night but I did this morning and the swelling is starting to recede.

That was a small acute injury that caused normal inflammation, but chronic inflammation does cause adverse effects in the body. A knee or joint that is injured over and over being inflamed can be detrimental as we age due to an accumulation of damage to tissues that have not been properly repaired or healed.

Chronic Inflammation

Frequent or continuous insult or injury to tissues can result in constant inflammation. It drains the immune system, and although the body keeps trying to repair itself, it lacks the resources it needs (including nutrients) to do so. This is how chronic inflammation occurs. Some scientists blame inflammation for causing cardiovascular disease, frailty, and other degenerative conditions which lead to disability. Is there anything you can do to reduce this aging process? Yes there is!

Diet and Exercise, the treatment for Inflammation

Dr. Ralph R. Hall, MD cites studies that support “the diet and exercise concept”. People followed in these long term studies who engaged in regular physical activity, didn’t smoke, had low to moderate alcohol intake, and ate mostly real foods (including fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish etc.) had much lower disability levels, were fit and not fat, and had low cardiovascular disease levels. Inflammation was not a problem. One study concluded that older people who follow such a lifestyle were 14 years younger in chronologic age compared to those who engaged in none of the behaviors.

Another study found participants (aged 70 to 90) had a mortality rate that was one-third of those who had none or only one of these protective factors. Diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure were also greatly reduced.

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