Natural Medicine vs. Western

by: Dr. Lauri Campbell, N.D.

Ever wondered what the difference between natural medicine and so-called Western medicine is? The difference is side effects; Western medicines more often than not come with a long list of side effects. Many of these side effects become apparent years after the medications are released to the public, consider the side effects of statin drugs:

A patient of mine, Billy contacted me after reading my recent article on that statin drugs and how they were negatively affecting thousands of Americans.  She had been having some balance problems and clarity issues that had caused her some concern. She decided to cut out her statin drugs, and low and behold all these symptoms miraculously disappeared.  She said she was feeling 150 percent better!

She shared this information with her neighbor whose husband was having memory problems and disorientation.  Eliminating his statin drugs resulted in a 100 percent improvement in his memory and restored his ability to walk normally!

The High Cost of Medicare

I asked Billy why she hadn’t been over to see me recently, and she said her Medicare didn’t cover natural medical care.  I asked her: If her Medicare visits were free, but the treatment she received killed her if it was really such a bargain?  She laughed and agreed it’s no bargain at all.

I recently spoke with a lovely lady who had just had both breasts cut off because they had found some small lumps in them.  No lumpectomy, but complete removal of both breasts and lymph nodes of the arms.  How horrible! You have to wonder, is it medical care or medical mutilation?

Understand the Risks of Western Medicine before Medicating!

No matter how old you are, you need to be on the lookout for your own health.  Going to the doctor or emergency room without understanding the options and the dangers of the drugs and procedures that will be done can be deadly.  More than 200,000 people die in America every year from taking the “right” drugs and having the “right” procedures performed.

You have the right to a second opinion! Get familiar with natural medicine and learn how to use it to maintain your health. Natural remedies exist that can improve your health without nightmarish side effects. Find someone knowledgeable in good naturopathic medicine and have a visit with them before you face the surgeon’s knife and what follows.

Yes you can be well naturally.  Start today.

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The Natural Corner on Health
Dr. Lauri Campbell, N.D., Wynnewood 972-333-4394

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