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Thanks for your interest in submitting an article The Alkaline Lifestyle.  We welcome reader submissions, but please read the following guidelines before sending a query.

1.  All submissions must address living the Alkaline Lifestyle: diet, recipes, mental and spiritual healing topics, healthy living topics and fitness topics.

2.  Reprints are considered, but you must own the copyright to the content, such as content from your personal blog.

3. All submissions must be completely original.  All submissions will be submitted to rigorous plagiarism checks. Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited.  You are legally responsible for your submission and by submitting work, guarantee that it is entirely your own creation.

4.  Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

5.   Payment:  We offer contributors a biography box and a reciprocal link back to the website or blog of your choice. We reserve the right to refuse any links to sites or content we feel do not support the concepts of the Alkaline Lifestyle or, in our definition, healthy living.  Payment may be offered to contributors who provide outstanding writing or advanced credentials, at our discretion.  

6.  .  We reserve the right to refuse any submission, edit submissions, or reject articles if  we feel they do not address the Alkaline Lifestyle or if they promote ideas contrary to the Alkaline Lifestyle mindset.

Please send all questions and submissions to the Editor, Alkaline Lifestyle.

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