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Exercising in the morning can seem like a chore for many, but it is often the best time of the day to exercise. Morning exercise has many benefits. For instance, you have more energy in the morning, you get it over with early and your body is in major fat burning mode before your morning meal.  Take a look at some tips to help you become a morning exerciser.

  1. Plan the night before.  Put your workout clothes aside and be ready to put them on as soon as you get out of bed.  Have anything you need for the gym already packed like your towel and shower supplies and have your water bottle filled.
  2. Schedule a morning class. Having a morning workout class set with a definitive time will help to motivate you.  Set your alarm in the morning and give yourself lots of time to get there.
  3. Get a good nights sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Get your body used to the morning workout routine so that you look forward to it.  Do things to help you wind down before bedtime so that you feeling rested and energized in the morning.
  4. Give yourself time to wake up.  Get in the habit of waking up drinking some water, having some tea or reading the paper to allow your body time to wake up and get ready for the workout.  Make it part of your morning routine that you look forward to.
  5. Get a morning workout partner.  Having another early bird to exercise with will help motivate you and hold you accountable.  Choose someone who is reliable an serious about health and fitness so that their good habits rub off on you.
  6. Play some morning music to help get you pumped.  Music is a great motivator and energizer so start listening early and utilize it during the workout.
  7. Give yourself enough time. There is nothing worse than a rushed workout and stressing to make it to work.  Get up extra early to make time to get ready for work or the whatever the day holds.
  8. Remember the alternative. If you don’t workout in the morning, you have to do it after work when you are likely even more tired and unmotivated or something may come up and you may not fit it in at all.  Don’t put off until later, what you can do now!  CARPE DIEM"-SEIZE THE DAY!
  9. Switch it up! If you don’t have time to go to the gym or a class, try going for a run, a bike ride or simply doing a workout video.  Do whatever it takes to make it easy, fun and convenient for you.
  10. Be efficient!  Morning workouts do not have to take hours.  Instead of running for an hour, try interval training for 30 minutes.  It’s more effective and saves you time.  Also don’t forget to do resistance training to help build lean muscle mass.

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