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Membership Benefits

Become a Member of the Alkaline Lifestyle Community today and access members-only content as well as consultations with our staff experts and much more. Once our site is complete, members will enjoy extensive benefits & resources. Member benefits will include access to experts in nutrition, mind and spirit and the science of Alkaline pH and good health. On Staff Experts will provide customized meal and exercise plans, answer questions directly and provide personal coaching to members.

Also see our unique Alkaline Lifestyle home study course filled with the resources you need to achieve your health goals. Home Study Course

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An Alkaline Lifestyle Membership Serves As Your Health Coach

What if you had a coach who encouraged you to live your healthy alkaline lifestyle? A coach who is an expert on the subject of your health, who would encourage you to make healthier choices? Someone you could turn to for advice, someone to answer your questions, and urge you on to your full potential. Imagine what it would be like having someone dedicated to your success, would it be easier to stay on that diet, get on that treadmill, to be at your personal ‘best’ and healthiest?

When athletes strive to be their best, they turn to their coaches for advice, support and encouragement. A great coach brings out the best in an athlete. Coaching makes a difference; it turns good into great, and turns great into legendary.  An Alkaline Lifestyle Membership can provide the kind of support you need to live the healthiest, happiest and most abundant life you've ever lived.

Alkaline Lifestyle Membership Packages

Private health coaches normally cost hundreds of dollars per month, but with our Alkaline Lifestyle premium membership packages you can get personal access to your own team of experts for less than a dollar a day! Even more cost efficient is our LIFEtime membership options, for a one-time investment in yourself, you get personal access to your own team of healthcare experts for life.

Compare the different Alkaline membership plans, features and benefits to you at a glance, see: Membership Plans Comparison Table

Basic Membership – The Silver Plan

For those who want to “try before you buy,” a basic membership plan designed to introduce you to the Alkaline Lifestyle and give you a taste of the benefits that membership in the Alkaline Lifestyle has to offer for FREE:

Gold Membership Plan

For only $9.97 per month (save $10 a month for a limited time only), our Gold membership plan gives you an opportunity to start experiencing what the Alkaline Lifestyle Membership is all about:

Alkaline Lifestyle Membership Plans Comparison Table

Benefits Gold Silver What's In it for me?
Co-Op Store Access  No Access Members-only savings on thousands of products puts $ in your pocket that could more than pay for your membership.
Custom Meal and Exercise Plans
    Custom, expert advice on healthy eating and exercise based on your health goals easily puts you on the path to a healthier you!
Pitcher of LIFE     Makes it EASY to add and benefit from Alkaline Water in your daily life.
Home Study Course     Step-by-step knowledge  = your healthiest, best life!
12 Month
  Videos make learning about the Alkaline Lifestyle  EASY and fun and put you on the path to a healthier you!
    Expert answers to YOUR specific questions help ensure you achieve your best life!
Mind & Spirit and Alkaline Science Coaching     Expert answers to YOUR specific questions  means you never have to go it alone.
Alkaline Lifestyle Articles Informative, easy ways to look and feel your very best!
Alkaline Lifestyle Newsletter Actionable, In-depth information helps you live your healthy life to the fullest!
Alkaline Lifestyle Recipes Takes the guesswork out of making mealtime healthy, delicious and easy = more “me” time!
  List: $197.00 
Special: $97.00
No Premium Access
  List: $19.97
Special: $9.97