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Activating the Relaxation Response with Slow Breathing

“When in Doubt, Breathe it Out”

-Katy Freeman, Mindfulness Instructor

Please use this natural and fast tools to decrease stress and Alkalize your system!  I know you will feel so good using slow breathing throughout your day.  Take time to pause every couple of hours and slow your breathing down.  I practice slow breathing daily and have noticed a greater sense of peace and calm in my mind, body, and spirit.

→Parasympathetic Nervous System Function:  Resting mode

→Sympathetic Nervous System Function:  Flight, Flight, or Freeze Mode

The Problem:  Mental physical and emotional challenges and/or relationship and work stress can cause the Sympathetic Nervous system to become too stimulated and we are in hyper arousal mode.  In short, too much sympathetic nervous system activity.

The Solution:  Activate the relaxation response in the body (parasympathetic nervous system activity.)

The Tool:  Slow Breathing.  Simply pause and breathe slowly.  Extend the exhalation for an added benefit.  ☺

→ Allow the belly to expand out like a balloon with the inhale and fall back towards the spine on the exhale.  Place all of your attention on the breath.  Slow it down….allow your body to calm itself with slow deep breaths.

→Begin to extend the exhalation so you are breathing out twice as long as you are breathing in.  For example, breathe in for the count of 2 and then pause and then breathe out to the count of 4 and pause, and continue on...  Imagine yourself letting go off all that is not serving you in this moment.

My hope for you:

♥May you be at Peace

♥May you live with Ease

♥May you be Free from any mental, physical, or emotional suffering

♥May you feel Safe and Secure

♥May you be Happy and Free


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