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What is this section about? You build your future with the thoughts you choose in the present moment. Experts on the Alkaline Lifestyle believe that negative emotions create an acidic environment; positive emotions assist and support the Alkaline Lifestyle.  In this section, we'll explore techniques to improve your concentration and mental outlook.   You'll find motivational tips too.   And we will explore the rich, varied world of the spirit, another important aspect of the Alkaline Lifestyle.


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one's attention on the moment and task at hand. Mindfulness raises the busy, constant inner hatter we all experience to release it's stress-causing potential. Mindfulness peacefully, calmly and lovingly centers you, so that you can focus, concentrate, and experience peace, part of the Alkaline Lifestyle. Learn more.


We care about your success on the Alkaline Lifestyle!  Here we share motivational tips, stories, strategies and more. Using the information in this section, we hope to encourage you to continue exploring, enacting, and following the Alkaline Lifestyle.  Remember, success is a journey – not a destination – and the same holds true for the Alkaline Lifestyle!


Meditation is an ancient practice of focusing and concentrating the mind.   It may be of a spiritual nature or completely neutral, focused on achieving a calm, peaceful mind. Meditation is excellent for dealing with stress and creating the positive, peaceful and joyful mental state that Alkaline Diet experts believe increases alkalinity. 

Use the Power of Your Mind to Make Healthy Changes

What you think can help or hinder the healthy changes you set out to make on the Alkaline Lifestyle. Your attitude, your reaction to life's daily stressors, and your ability to release stress and develop your personal, individual spirituality can enhance or detract from a healthy lifestyle.  Learn more from our staff writers including Katy Joy Freeman, marriage and family therapist, and many others.


Our on staff Therapist will be assisting members to maintain healthy habits, manage stress, and transition out of emotional eating habits.

Katy Joy Freeman –  Staff Therapist, Licensed MFT and Writer...

Katy Joy Freeman — Our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at one of the largest HMO’s in the USA.  She is, a Vegetarian, Vegan and raw food chef; she credits the Alkaline Lifestyle with helping her maintain significant weight loss for over 23 years, freeing her from depression and anxiety, and increasing her energy levels.  She writes frequently about the meditation practice of Mindfulness, as well as contributing Recipes and articles to the site.  She actively lives and loves the Alkaline Lifestyle! Katy has dedicated her life to helping others discover the joys of mindfulness and vital living through spirit. Katy has a comfortable non-judgmental style and will provide sound suggestions that help you to make the Alkaline Lifestyle work for you.

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Help Desk - Ask the Therapist

Our staff Therapist will assist members to make the Alkaline Lifestyle work for them...

Welcome to the Alkaline Lifestyle Therapist Help Desk staffed by our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Katy Joy Freeman.  Here you’ll find a wealth of information on emotional well-being, mind and spirit as an important part of your healthy Alkaline Lifestyle.  

Alkaline Lifestyle members can get personal assistance from Katy Joy about transitioning to healthier habits and managing stress and  get answers to your questions.

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Alkaline Lifestyle Mind & Spirit FAQs:

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How can I control all the stress in my life when other people and things are causing it?

It is very important to understand that no one can make you feel something unless you choose it.  We all face difficulties and challenges.  It is important to become aware of the things that trigger a stress response in you.  Learn to observe your thoughts and feelings rather than just react to situations.  I find the most effective way to control stress is by cultivating a daily meditation practice.  This allows you to create a quiet space to relax the body, check in with yourself, release tension (in your mind and body), and get to a place where you can tap into your inner wisdom.  I suggest starting with a basic “follow the breath meditation.”

How can I find the time to meditate with my busy schedule when I barely have time to eat and sleep?

Small changes over time are what people can easily maintain.  Start with setting aside five minutes out of your day to sit quietly to breathe and center yourself.  Here are a few ideas on how to make time to create time for your meditation practice:

1.    Get up five minutes earlier or go to bed five minutes later.
2.    Arrive to a destination, such as work or your exercise class, five minutes earlier.
3.    Take five minutes before you have a meal to sit quietly and breathe.

In the Five Good Minutes® series, authors Jeffrey Brantley and Wendy Millstine demonstrate that even the busiest person can live each day better with the five-minute mindfulness exercises found in these books. Each book in this series offers multiple mindfulness techniques that will help you reduce stress and reconnect with your inner sense of calm.

How can I stay positive when everyone around me is being negative

We may not be in charge of how others think, speak, or act, yet we do have control over our own thoughts and attitudes.  We have to make a conscious effort to choose thoughts that promote well-being.  Regardless of what others around us are doing, we have to make a clear intention to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful ways of thinking.  It takes patience and discipline to transform the way we perceive our experiences.  You are in charge of where you place your attention.  Choose to focus on what you are learning from the situation and from difficult people in your life.  It helps to see each person in our day as our teacher.  The more challenging they seem to be for us, the more we probably have to learn from them! I suggest three of the following ideas to help you stay more positive when surrounded by negativity:

1.    Evaluate who you are surrounding yourself with and spend less time around those who are not positive influences and increase interactions with those who are choosing to live life with a positive attitude.

2.    Set daily intentions.  Spend five quiet minutes by yourself each morning to set your intentions for the day.  Decide how you want your day to go and think thoughts that create the experience you intend to have.

3.    Use positive affirmations throughout the day as a reminder to keep your thoughts in check. For example:  “I radiate peace and kindness to myself and others regardless of the circumstances” or “I choose to focus on the good in myself and others.”  I use these statements on a daily basis:  “I am protected against the negative energy of others.  I am closed to any energy that is not for my highest good.  I am safe, I am loved, and I am protected.”  What affirmations would you like to create?  Take a moment now and come up with a few.

There are energy medicine exercises you can do on a daily basis to further assist you from taking on the negativity around you.  In her book Energy Medicine, Donna Eden describes a series of exercises which are designed to protect you from negativity and balance your body and emotions.  You can Google:  Donna Eden 5 minute Energy Routine, and watch them demonstrated on u-tube.

How will the alkaline lifestyle help me to reduce stress?

The Alkaline Lifestyle cares about balancing out your mind, body, and spirit.  As you follow the suggestions on the site, you will experience more peace and overall satisfaction in your daily experience.  Establishing a sound exercise program will naturally reduce stress as more endorphins are released into your system.  Eating alkaline foods help you feel better overall and you will notice that you have more energy and motivation to get things done.  Drinking Alkaline water keeps your body well hydrated which will help you feel clear and alert.  The lifestyle encourages regular self-care practices, meditation, and addressing emotional issues that will decrease stress in your life.  Your membership with The Alkaline Lifestyle provides practical plans to achieve your health goals.  Many find their stress is reduced by having guidance, tools, and a plan to make the changes they want.  That is what you will get from us!

I have no problem exercising but I cannot seem to stop overeating and binging. Can the alkaline lifestyle help with this?

The Alkaline Lifestyle intends to promote a balanced and flexible relationship with all of your lifestyle habits, including your relationship with food.  The Alkaline Lifestyle suggests ideas on how to increase your repertoire of positive tools to manage challenges you face.  As you enhance your positive self- care practices, you will most likely find that the overeating behaviors will decrease.  The Alkaline Lifestyle provides information on emotional eating and how to self soothe without using food.  We further promote ways to increase your overall sense of well- being with sound guidance on proper nutrition, exercise, and mental health practices.  50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, By Susan Albers offers practical and easy ideas on how to help stop overeating and binging.

Steps for a basic meditation practice:

Step one:  Find a quiet place to sit comfortably.  Gently close your eyes and begin to become aware of your breath.  Take a few moments to deepen the breath allowing the belly to rise as you breathe in and fall back down as you breathe out.

Step two:  Scan your body for any tension and release any obvious tension with your exhales.  Once your body feels more relaxed, begin to notice any thoughts or feelings you are having.  Do not judge, simply identify and accept what it going on.  It is normal to have a chattering mind.  Observe your thoughts and feelings.  

Step three:  Place your attention back on your breath.  Follow your breath in and out in a slow rhythmic way.  Allow the breath to calm and soothe you.  As soon as you notice you have drifted off into thought, label it “thinking” or “planning” or “anxiety” and gently return your attention to your breath.  Continue on in this manner for 5-20 minutes a day.

Exercise, eating alkaline foods, and talking nicely to yourself will enhance your ability to manage stress.  Make a list of 5-10 things you can do to prevent stress.  Some ideas are:  Journal your feelings on a daily basis, pause during the day to breathe and stretch, have pleasant activities planned that you can look forward to, laugh, play, take a bath, take a nap, smell fragrant flowers, enjoy an aspect of nature.  Others may make it tough to feel good, but ultimately you are responsible for how you respond to what is going on around you.  Our team will offer support and guidance to help you take charge of your life and reduce stress.

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