99 Page Recipe eBook "Our Favorite Alkaline Recipes"

Alkaline Lifestyle has put together a 99-page recipe eBook (2nd Edition) with some of our favorite alkaline recipes. These are the recipes we use every day to make the alkaline foods that we eat for better health. The recipes in this book are easy to make, and often take less time than preparing many unhealthy foods. The eBook is available for Free to our Gold Members.

This eBook download is available for download directly from within your Personal Membership "My Account" page. For a Free 99 page book, the next time you order online just make a note in your comment box or if you phone in, let your customer service rep know to include one in your shipment.

If you are new to the Alkaline Lifestyle, here are some tips to get you started:
Make a list of ingredients needed to make alkaline foods
Be sure you have the following appliances:

Juicer (helpful, but not necessary)
Food Processor - for some recipes
Water Ionizer (makes all your food and drink more alkaline)
Dehydrator - for some recipes

List of Ingredients - If you’re changing your diet, you will need to change the foods you buy when you go to the grocery store. Make a list of the alkaline foods you will eat most often. You will be buying a lot more fruits and vegetables! 

The right appliances make living an alkaline lifestyle much easier. A successful alkaline diet means avoiding processed foods, instead, you process them yourself. Nearly everybody has a blender, and one can be used to make nearly every recipe in this book that requires it. A juicer is helpful to have and makes preparing some of the recipes in this book easier. A food processor is needed for some of the recipes in this book.

A water ionizer increases the alkalinity of the water you drink and the foods you eat. We own and highly recommend water ionizers.  Additionally, soaking produce in alkaline water inactivates some pesticide residues and helps remove them - it also extends the life of those vegetables and keeps them crisp and tasty. Acidic water also has uses in the kitchen from growing sprouts to cleaning cutting boards. 

We trust that this eBook will help you get started living more alkaline, so you can enjoy all the benefits that abundant health has to offer. Alkaline foods and water have made a big difference in our lives, and we know they will make a big difference in yours too.

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