Green Smoothies for Health

Green Smoothies for Health Green smoothies blend green, leafy vegetables, water and sometimes fruit for a nutritious and satisfying drink. Green smoothies provide a boost of alkaline and chlorophyll-rich greens and impart wonderful benefits. They're easy to make and you don't even need a special blender to create one today. If you have a typical blender in the kitchen, you can mix up a green smoothie.

Why Drink Green Smoothies?

While greens are tasty in salads, it can be difficult to eat as much as recommended. Chimps have the luxury of grazing all day in the forest; we must work, go to school, commute and tackle the laundry, and it's tough to eat salad while doing any of those tasks!

Green smoothies provide numerous health benefits. Victoria Boutenko, a raw food expert and author, writes in her book Green for Life that "the regular consumption of green smoothies…greatly benefits the health of people by improving the level of hydrochloric acid. Therefore the consumers of green smoothies should expect: to have better absorption of valuable nutrients, to lessen the possibility of infection and parasites, to heal allergies, and to improve overall health." (page 75).

Boutenko's book is filled with testimonials from people who drank this simple green drink and experienced remarkable recovery from problems ranging from cataracts to obesity. The entire Boutenko family embraced a raw food diet and achieved remarkable good health, including healing from many chronic illnesses.

Green Smoothie Cleanses

The chlorophyll, fiber and water content in green smoothies also make them excellent for detoxification. Many people enjoy a 'green smoothie cleanse', or a controlled period of taking in nothing but pure water and green smoothies.  Whether you embark on such a diet for one  day or a week, you may feel lighter, lose weight, and have many nagging health complaints such as seasonal allergies, sinus problems, and skin problems clear up seemingly overnight.

How to Make Green Smoothies

The best part about green smoothies is how simple they are to make. You don't need any expensive kitchen appliances or fancy gourmet foods.  All you need is a standard household blender, knife, measuring cup and a glass for your smoothie.

Extra smoothie can be kept in the refrigerator for several hours, but try not to leave it for more than a day. It can pick up flavors from other foods in the fridge or lose potency. You can make a batch in the morning and pack some for work, or drink half now and save the rest for later. One expert recommended green smoothie ice pops to enjoy greens. She makes a batch of smoothie and pours it into children's ice pop molds.  She then pops one out in the evening to enjoy as a dessert!

Choosing Greens

When choosing greens for a green smoothie, green leafy vegetables are key. For newcomers to the world of green smoothies, start with mild-tasting greens such as red or green leaf lettuce, spinach or Romaine lettuce.  Don't bother with iceberg lettuce. Most commercially grown iceberg is devoid of nutrients; you'll be drinking fiber and water.

Other great greens to try as you get used to the taste of green smoothies are kale, cress, parsley and chard. Experiment to see which combination of flavors appeals to you.

Make a Green Smoothie

This sweet smoothie is easy to make.  Simply take 2 cups of fresh pineapple, 1 cup of shredded Romaine lettuce, ice and water enough to cover most of the mix. Place it in a blender and blend until it's liquid. Pour and enjoy. 

Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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