Alkaline Water Tip: Soaking Your Nuts!

Alkaline Water Tip: Soaking Your Nuts!

If you are going to eat nuts I suggest that you buy organic raw nuts as they will have the most nutritional value.  Sure, the roasted and salted nuts taste great but the heating process they go through to get that taste depletes them of their omega 3 oils that are so good for you.  Nuts have enzyme inhibitors and soaking them neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and activates beneficial enzymes.  Soaking nuts also makes them more digestible and the nutrients are more easily absorbed.   You can either soak you nuts in ionized alkaline water alone or add sea salt (the salt helps activate enzymes that de-activate the enzyme inhibitors.)  After you soak your nuts they can be dried in the dehydrator to keep them fresh.  Nuts can go rancid quickly and are best stored in the refrigerator after they are soaked and dehydrated.

Basic instructions:

Dissolve salt in ionized alkaline mineral water and pour over nuts so they are covered in the water.  Let them soak at least 7 hours – can be soaked overnight.  Drain and dehydrate for 12-24 hours at 110 degrees.

It is recommended to eat nuts in small amounts and only eat one type of nut at a time. 

By:  Katy Joy Freeman
© 2011 by  All rights reserved

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