Teeccino Herbal Coffee Treat

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Treat

Trying to kick the coffee and finding yourself longing for a hot substitute?  Don’t throw out the coffee or espresso machine quite yet.  I have found a wonderful alternative that has helped satisfy that desire for a coffee beverage.  It is called Teeccino and it is naturally caffeine free and non acidic.  Teeccino is made from a blend of herbs, grains, fruits, and ramon nuts, a nutrient-rich food of the Maya civilization.  You feel a natural energy boost from the nutrients, not stimulants.  It provides heart healthy potassium and soluber fiber.  Teeccino comes in individual tea bags and in an all purpose grind.  For more information on Teeccino visit:  http://www.teeccino.com/.

My favorite way to enjoy Teeccino:

1 Teeccino tea bag (I love the chocolate and dark roast flavor, but they are all great!)

Coconut Creamer, by So Delicious – they have French vanilla, hazelnut, and regular (you can also use almond milk or another nut milk of your choice)

Directions:  Pour 1 cup of boiling water over one teeccino tea bag of your choice.  Steep for 3 minutes.  Place coconut creamer in frother and froth.  Pour frothed creamer over the teecccino and enjoy your very own specialty drink at home.  It seriously feels like you just got a drink from your favorite coffee shop.  You can just pour the coconut creamer in without frothing if you do not have a frother.  Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg if you want to get real fancy!  If you use the all-purpose grind teeccino you can use your coffee drip maker, French press, or espresso machine. 

For your convenience, boxes of individual Teeccino bags available at the Alkaline Lifestyle Co-Op Membership Store.  Frothers are also available there. 


By:  Katy Joy Freeman
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