Alkaline Lifestyle Avocado Dip

 Summer is almost here which may mean you need a fun party dip recipe on hand!  This is a simple and delicious alkaline dip.  It is also Vegan and Gluten Free!




2 avocados – peeled, pitted, and diced

¾ cup Veganise (made by follow your heart) – I use the low fat version

½ cup Salsa

½ teaspoon ground cumin

Juice of ½ lime

1 glove garlic – minced

½ teaspoon sea salt

Dash of black pepper


Directions:  Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy.  Transfer to a serving dish and top with tomatoes and cilantro if you have on hand.  A fresh piece of parsley works well too!  Use as a veggie dip or with baked tortilla chips.  This is also a great sauce to use with the Vegan Taquito recipe listed in the main dish section.


By:  Katy Joy Freeman

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