Mindful DETOX

Fall is here and it’s a wonderful time to cleanse.  You can use the tools of Mindfulness to detox the mind and increase your overall sense of well-being and make room to enjoy this beautiful Season.

Recipe for Your Mindful Detox :

  • Sit down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and breathe slowly for 5 minutes.  Just keep your attention on your breath and release tension with each exhale.

  • Fast from negative thoughts

  • Fast from giving your opinion this week

  • Fast from judging yourself

  • Fast from replaying old negative stories

  • Fast from negative people

  • Fast from negative conversations

  • Scan the body to release tension for 1-3 minutes daily

  • Have an extended period of silence (1 to 24 hours)

  • Shake out your stress daily for 1-15 minutes

Increasing your Ionized Alkaline Water intake and exercising is also highly recommended!

Prepared by:  Katy Freeman, MFT, Mindfulness Instructor

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Drink green tea or take green tea extract.